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  Kaizen Consultancy - Environmental Policy

We actively work to reduce our impact on the local and global environment.

At Kaizen Consultancy we understand that it is important for everyone to aim to minimise their impact on the planet - it is the right thing to do for our generation and future ones. We have been considering the environment since 2003. Our Environmental Policy (on which our staff are consulted) is regularly reviewed at Board level. The main points of interest are set out here.

We aim to reduce any waste produced by our business activities, reduce our business energy consumption and reduce emissions of pollution from our activities. We aim to minimise energy use in our offices by using energy efficient products and by switching off any devices (where feasible) when not in use. We aim to reduce the impact on the environment by our business travel by ensuring that only needed journeys are undertaken. As many business trips as possible are completed by train, cycling or walking rather than car. If a car journey is essential then if possible car sharing is used. We also aim to plan business journeys so that distances travelled are minimised.

If you think we should be doing or could do more get in touch, we’d like to hear your suggestion.


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